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  PVC Shrink Film Rolls/Pouches
  Polyolefin Shrink Film Rolls
  Polyolefin Shrink Film Pouches
  Strapping Rolls
  PVC Cling Film (Food Grade)
  Stretch Wrap Films
  Bubble Bags
  PVC Flexi Sheets (Curtains)
  PVC Rigid Blister Films
  Aluminium Foil Lids
  Shrink Packaging Machines
Kanika Enterprises
With our industrial expertise & proven track record of our business, we are an established manufacturers, Importers & exporter of shrink films, & Other Packaging Material as well as Packaging Machines which are used in packaging & labeling of various products. The cutting edge of technology & high quality standards help us to gain a strong base in the global arena. Our company do constantly research work and update the various aspects of products & its production process.


Our range includes PolyoleFin Shrink Film Rolls ,PolyoleFin Shrink Film Pouches , PVC Shrink Film Rolls , PVC Shrink Film Pouches, Aluminium Foil Lids for Jar Sealing, Strapping Rolls, PVC Cling Wrap Films Food Grade , Stretch Wrap Film Rolls, Bubble Bags , PVC RIGID Blister FIlms , PVC Flexi Sheets , All Types of Packaging Machines such as Shrink Tunnel , Carton Sealer , Web Sealer , Strapping Machines , Foot Sealer , Batcxh Coder , Pet Strapping Tool , Vaccum Packing Machines , Stretch Wrapping Machines.

We Have In house Automated system for Automatic cutting and sealing Polyolefin Shrink Films , Pvc Shrink Films , & Various other Shrink FIlms in shape of Pouches in various sizes as per your requirement.

Packaging Products Polyolefin Shrink Film Rolls Polyolefin Shrink Film Pouches PVC Cling Film food Grade PVC Rigid Blister films
PVC Flexi Sheet (Curtains) Bubble Bags Aluminum Foil Lids Stretch Wrap Films
PVC Shrink Film Rolls PVC Shrink Film Pouches    
Shrink Tunnel IP Shrink Tunnel IP - 3015, 3020, 4515, 4525, 4525L, 4535L Shrink Chamber IP-2000 Series Shrink Tunnel with Websealer  
Strapping Machines Table Top Strapping Machine IP 501 Series Fully Automatic Strapping Machines
  Carton Sealer Vaccum Packing Machines PET Strapping Tool Batch Coder
Stretch Wrapping Machines POF Shrink Film Foot Sealer Continuous Band Sealer
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